Housed at ETC. GSO off of Grove Street in Greensboro, NC. Hosted every second Saturday of the month. Each lineup features different artists from all over the NC Triad, as an attempt to introduce the Greensboro space to the plethora of upcoming beat makers in the cities neighboring it. 

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If you'd like to be a part of the beat movement shaking the music scene of NC, join us in a show. All styles welcome!

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Born From Big Ideas

BEATS*BATCH is the start to the recreation of the original beat show series that was beginning to be cultivated in the Greensboro, Durham, Raleigh and Charlotte music scenes.

Hip Hop in our era has changed into an extremely multifaceted monster, branching off into many different categories and subgenres. The producers behind the artists are oftentimes considered as just a backend part of the process, and they're known to fade to the background unless they make music of their own. But without the beats, there would be no song, so let's show some love to the creatives who make it all possible, shall we?

In 2017, beat maker showcases were on the rise. In Charlotte: Vacation Pay, in Durham: Raund Haus, and in Greensboro: MTROKNWN. Artists were connected in collectives and created their own residencies within the beat shows, and would even feature artists from other collectives as a crossover from city to city.

As years have gone on, and times have changed, many artists have moved and sought to pursue different interests, so the beat show scene took a short hiatus. 

But we're back with a vengeance, and if I were you, I'd pay attention. Each one of us is growing by the second. Catch BEATS*BATCH at the first of every month, happily housed at ETC. GSO.

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